Governing Bodies

Composition – Triennium 2018 a 2020

Youth Coop presents itself as a co-operative in the field of social solidarity aiming at developing the youth sector with initiatives and projects for the empowerment of young people and youth structures both locally and regionally, using community development approaches.
Officers of the General Assembly

Sole Member: Adriano António Costa dos Reis

Management Body / Council of Directors:
Sole Administrator: Edite Cristina Pereira Fernandes

Supervisory Body / Fiscal Council:
Sole Supervisor: Jorge Miguel Correia Antunes Gomes


The governing bodies are elected by the General Assembly for the term of three years. The management body and the supervisory body may be composed, respectively, of a single administrator and supervisor, when the cooperative has less than 20 (twenty) cooperators. Alternatively, they will be composed of a Council of Directors and a Fiscal Council, each composed by a odd number of members and a minimum of three elements.